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Most of our family support is done through individual family support.  We aim to listen to our members needs and offer not only emotional support but, wherever possible, practical support also.

We aim to be a voice for our members when issues that affect them need to be addressed, and to let service providers and those involved with the care and education of our members and their children know when things are going right.

Many of our children are now growing up to be young adults and we wish to continue supporting families through the transition from school and children’s services to the world of adult services.

We employ a family support coordinator who visits parents in their own home for a confidential chat where parents can express their concerns, frustrations and successes confident in the knowledge that, child protection issues aside, nothing that is said is written down or leaves the room.

Wherever possible we help with practical issues, communication issues and the sometimes-tricky navigation through the system to get families the support they need

We continue to provide individual support and advice to families in both emotional and practical ways.

We understand that having a young adult with a special need brings new challenges.”

We want to continue listening to parents as their child becomes a young adult and continue to work in partnership with service providers and other charities and organisations to enhance and improve the lives of young adults and their families as they journey on through their lives.

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